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Good as new guarantee

All of our products are covered by our Good as New Promise, which means if you rent any item and feel that it isn’t either new or as good as new we’ll replace it. Simple as that.

What does ‘As Good as New’ mean at Kangoolite?

It means that every item:

  1. Looks Great – We thoroughly clean and sanitise every item after each use using some of the most baby friendly products out there.
  2. Is not Damaged – If there is any visible damage on a product we will take it out of service.
  3. Works Perfectly – We are constantly testing latches, zips, locks, joints, etc. If these don’t work perfectly, or are a bit sticky/loose the product won’t go out.
  4. Is Safe – Our items are checked in line with the manufacturer guidelines every time they are used. So from car-seats* to buggies, travel cots to child carriers we do our utmost to ensure that your child is safe whenever using our products.