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How to prepare your trip with kids to Mexico?

Kangoolite. 5 useful sources to prepare and travel with kids to Mexico

Mexico is a great place to travel with kids. Mexico is a child friendly destination with great beaches, attractive cities and colorful Pueblos Magicos. Since you want to get the most out of it, here are 5 useful sources to prepare your trip with kids to Mexico:

  1. The page of the Official Tourism Guide in Mexico (sometimes there is so much listed that gets dizzy, but allows a rough assessment).
  2. Your pediatrician (ask him what to pack, according to your kids age, to have a well-equipped first-aid kit).
  3. Facebook topic groups could be found easily for each country and the exchange of information there is highly valuable.
  4. Ranking in travel pages such as Expedia and TripAdvisor as well as in travel blogs and travel books.
  5. AirBnB is a great source of research! Because the hosts are locals and not only have towels, soap and excursion tips for their guests, but know their city just better than anyone else! You can send specific questions and get a realistic, trustworthy assessment.

Of course our Kangoolite staff would also be happy to help you to make your stay with your kids more safe and comfortable either if you are staying at a hotel or at a private residence. You can easily reach us via WhatsApp, mail or Facebook.

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