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Things to do in Mexico City with kids who love nature

Often beach destinations are the first to come to mind when traveling to Mexico, but the country has a lot more to offer. Mexico City has become a great family travel destination thanks to the parks, museums and interesting sites that will be of interest to everyone. Here are 3 great things to do in Mexico City with kids who love nature and science:

Botanical Garden of Chapultepec

The Botanical Garden of Chapultepec features a magnificent collection of plants originated in Mexico. The Garden displays more than 400 species of 30 botanical families including cacti, agaves, succulents, ornamental plants, flowers, vegetables and medicinal plants, representing different ecosystems including arid and semi-arid zones, wetlands, plains and grasslands. You’ll also find there an arboretum where you can hug your favorite tree, a sensory garden where you can fill your nose with an aroma of flowers, and a greenhouse full of tropical vegetation. During a visit to the Botanical Garden, children will not only enjoy a natural environment but will also learn a lot about rich biodivercity of Mexico.

Acuario Inbursa

Acuario Inbursa is an underground aquarium that has all manner of sealife to marvel at, and even though it’s exterior isn’t as visually enticing as the neighboring Soumaya museum, the interior more than makes up for it. Aquario Inbursa features over 14,000 specimens of 300 species including Gentoo and chinstrap penguins, sting and manta rays, barracudas, piranhas, blacktip sharks, jellyfish and other marine species. Fish are displayed in modern exhibits spread over five stories (of which 4 lie underground) and everything is geared towards educating its visitors about the species in its tanks. Fun for all ages!

Planetario Luis Enrique Erro

If the sea doesn’t float your kids’ boat, then maybe the sky will? At Planetario Luis Enrique Erro they can get an insight into the solar system and star constellations at one of the regularly scheduled sky shows. Alternatively, head to the planetarium’s 400-seat theatre and watch an immersive and informative projection. While you may have to go to the northern Mexico City neighborhood of Zacatenco for this option, it’s worth the traveling time.

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