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Tips for travelling safe with kids in Mexico City

In Mexico, there are still places and regions you should avoid. But usually the tourist hotspots are safe travel areas. As in any other foreign country, you should try to make your trip as safe as possible. So here are 5 tips for travelling safe with kids in Mexico City:

1. Exercise caution in certain areas of the city.

Some neighborhoods in Mexico City are considered more dangerous than others. Tepito, a barrio located in the Cuauhtémoc borough, is one, as are the areas of La Lagunilla, Mercado Merced and Doctores. Outlying barrios like Ciudad Neza and Iztapalapa have also developed dangerous reputations. Stick to well-lit, central streets while in these areas and try to avoid them at night.

2. Be cautious with your cash.

This encompasses everything to do with money and cash-carrying while in Mexico City. Obviously, don’t carry around every peso you brought with you. Only carry what you’ll need for the day and preferably in two different locations; for example, take 200 pesos in your purse and another 200 in an inside pocket. Take care when withdrawing money, too. “It’s generally safer to use ATMs during daylight hours and inside shops or malls,” says the UK Foreign Office.

3. Do not travel “richly”.

Keep jewellery to a minimum—no flashy earrings or designer watches—and please carry your camera in a bag rather than slung round your neck. Important documents (passport, plane ticket, etc.) should be safely deposited in the accommodation, on excursions, for example, on mobile devices. Keep wallets and purses out of pockets that are in easy reach.

4. Use private transport.

Public taxis are not safe. In Mexico City you should only use Uber/Didi or at the airport / bus station, the official taxis (“taxi seguro”). But consider that child seats are almost never there!

5. Know your emergency numbers. 

This is a crucial piece of advice for anyone traveling in a foreign country, whether it’s Mexico City or elsewhere. Keep a list in both your phone and on a separate piece of paper of all necessary numbers. In Mexico City, the police can be reached by dialling 911 and ambulances and fire services are available on 066 or 080, although it’s worth adding that you’ll need to know Spanish to communicate with any of these services. You should also carry the number of your home country’s embassy with you, as well as any personal emergency contacts.




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