Do you deliver to hotels and airports?

We are pleased to offer delivery services to hotels in Mexico City, most of which are happy to accept deliveries in advance of guest arrival. However, some hotels have a strict policy on accepting parcels before a guest has checked in.

If you would like us to deliver to your hotel before you have checked in, please ensure you have fulfilled our requirements:

  1. Email the hotel to notify them of our delivery
  2. Ensure you have provided us with the correct booking name for the hotel reservation.

Upon your departure, please leave all the rented equipment with concierge under “”Kangoolite” to allow quick collection.

Regarding airport, we can deliver specifically to the Airport Internacional Benito Juárez (50 USD delivery cost apply) but we will need to know your flight details so we can monitor your exit gate and wait for you there so you can enjoy your stroller or car seat since the beginning. In case there is a delay, we will need to charge 5 USD per hour.

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